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Tip of the Day: moveable hay feeder

IMG_8234My quest for the ultimate hay feeder has been a long one, but I’m getting there. This big wheelbarrow takes a whole bale, and my horses have gotten used to it through the summer, and not had any dramas with it. They stand on all sides of it and are quite civilised about sharing!
I’ve now fitted an elasticated load securer (from a car) over the top, and so far so good… the horses pull the hay through the gaps, but can’t pull the whole bale out and tread it into the mud. Another idea I might try will be a section of haynet cut out to fit the top, and then secured by really strong elastic round the sides.
If anyone has any better ideas, please speak up! I think I’ve tried almost everything else!

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  • Hi Aly,
    Yes, it’s continued to work! In fact I’ve added a layer of homemade hay-net, to stop them from pulling too much out at a time, which has cut down even more on wastage.
    They all got used to the barrow being in the field in the summer, so they are all savvy about the handles. It is now parked beside the barn, with the handles facing the barn, so they approach from both sides and the end. Nothing has been daft enough to try to get over/under/through the handles so far…