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How did I live without….. SupaStuds Travel Studs – now closed

Travel StudsI always know when the event season is upon us, because I start to develop permanently skinned knuckles from that most dreaded of chores, studding up (and unstudding!). Add in an excited horse that doesn’t want to hold its leg up, and the inevitable running late, and you can see why I find studs so stressful.

Enter the Supa Studs travel stud. I can clean out the stud holes a day or two before at home, fit these, then when I arrive at an event, the stud holes are clean, there’s no need to tap, and it is just a quick job to swap the travel stud for which ever other stud I’ve selected. I love Supa Studs, all of the range, but I love the travel studs just a little bit more.

Find them at They’ve got a sale on right now, so pop over and have a look – it ends on Saturday 16th February, so be quick!

Well done to our winners Susannah Secrett and Sophie Rothbarth – let us know what you think of the Supastuds Travel studs!


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