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Ask the Readers – 22nd February

This week Janice an event secretary asks:

“As an event secretary (on event) I am wondering what competitors or their team members think of the service that we provide. How could we improve, what could we do to improve your competitive day? do you have any pet hates or examples of good service perhaps? I am guessing most competitors just think of us as someone who provides them with their number but we are also there to deal with queries and often help with some very random requests”


So now to you readers what are your answers? Please comment below (note your first comment it will not appear immediately), by giving constructive feedback to the event secretaries (who put in a lot of hours) we can hopefully make our own and their lives easier.

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  • I think if there are any very frequently-asked questions then a big sign up with the answer on would make life easier for everyone. (I volunteered at an event years ago where loads of riders kept coming in with exactly the same question, after a while the person behind the desk was getting very snappy with them, it would have been far easier for everyone if it’d just been written on a poster up on the wall!)
    Other than that, I think you all do an amazing job. 🙂 🙂 🙂
    I have written up about a couple of examples of a bad time at the Secretary’s (recent post, “Jinxed!”) but tbh in literally hundreds of events that’s not bad, and it was just down to human error, just 1 of those things really.

  • Hey Janice,
    I think most of the time the Event Secretary has been brilliant at events we have been to. I have been in lined and seen some very rude competitors, but the secretary was very civil to her when I don’t I would have been!
    The best secretaries are the ones that provide sweets though 😉