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Charlotte’s Favourite Photo

Reader Charlotte shares with us her favourite photo and explains why:

charlottes“This photo is of Jem (Pertemps Style) and was taken at the Badminton Grassroots Championships 2011. We had just jumped the coffin combination which was the one all the riders were worried about, and Jem had jumped it foot perfectly. The main reason this picture is so special is it shows how far Jem had come in 2 years. I had bought her in March 2009 for £100, she was a failed racehorse, with the worlds worst conformation, and said to be ‘unrideable’. Her reputation preceded her, but for some reason we just clicked. Within 6 months of buying her we had won 2 BE90’s. We had a long wait for regionals the following year, but when they came along, we finished 4th and qualified for Badminton. At Badminton our dressage mark meant we were never going to win any prizes, but that didn’t matter, we were there. Galloping down from the lake straight towards Badminton House was actually the best moment of my life! Jem has continued to go from strength to strength, she finished the 2012 season ranked 7th in the BE foundation points rankings. Unfortunately we will not be able to repeat our Badminton trip as I can not qualify due to having ridden at BE Intermediate. But from humble beginnings my very plain, ordinary horse became one of the best horses at her level in the country.”

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