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Tip of the Day: Cotton wool pads & Activ Wash solution ready


I learnt this one from a vet who came to tend a horse. She had a plastic tupperware pot with a stack of square cotton-wool pads in it, already soaking in a wound-cleaning solution, (Hibiscrub) so that she could just peel off a few pads and use them to clean the wound, chuck them, and peel off more. No delay preparing it, no faffing about with strands of regular cotton wool. It’s a great idea, so I copied it, using boiled water just in case, in an airtight tub.
I prefer to use Robinsons’ Activ Wash, which is clear, after I was told by a vet that Hibiscrub inhibits healing (but it’s very good for ensuring a wound is as clean as possible on the first day.)

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  • What a great idea. It might be a stupid question but how long would you keep the pads/solution for before replacing with fresh?

  • Amanda, because I make it with boiled water and the pot is airtight, I trust that it’s safe to keep it for quite a long time. In fact I checked it when I took the pic and it looked and smelled absolutely as it did on the first day. I guess maybe after a year or so it would be a good idea to change it just in case!