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Tip Of The Day; a sturdy bag for important bits!

20130812-223557.jpgThis is my competition bag I now can’t properly function without it! Most of the time it lives at home only venturing out to events but it is a vital part of my kit. Certain items live in this bag almost permanently one of which is my horse’s passport. Others include a spare pair of socks, hair net and rule books and perhaps randomly an elasticated bandage. This deserves a tip to itself (and will probably get one 😉 ) but I use it in the event that I pick up a pull or strain and need to either strap it up or attach ice to part of me! It’s strapped up my ankles and knees on more than one occasion! A lot of these items never leave the bag but it means I know exactly where they are in event of needing them at an event but that need checking the night before.

The night before an event I will add sat nav, food, drink, back support, stock, spare breeches/shirt/stock/underwear (you never know when you will get soaked and need them!), XC colours, head cam (for when I actually remember to turn it on!) and camera. It all fits in with ease and it is plenty strong enough to carry everything. At the event I will put in test sheets and if lucky rosettes and any purchases I have made so when unpacking the lorry at the end of the day I only need grab the bag rather than an armful of bits and pieces.

The added bonus is that it was a freebie a few seasons ago but still going strong.

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  • I use a three drawer plastic “cupboard” I can put the stuff you mentioned above + tissues, caulk kit etc in it and just leave it in the towing vehicle. I label the drawers as to what is in each. That way, I never forget anything and it is organized so that bits and pieces can quickly and efficiently be found. The kids in our pony club even know how it is packed and, if missing something, pins, hair net, etc., will ask if they can get it out of my kit. The only rule, return or replace whatever you use so that it is there for the next time. Works well when travelling by myself or with kids.