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Badminton: Entries and wait-lists.

Those of us who are Badminton-crazy have been watching the List of Accepted Entries as well as the Wait List like hawks, to see who will make the cut, and who will suffer the horrible disappointment of not getting the run. At the moment crowd favourites such as Barry’s Best and Rosie Thomas, and Coolgrange Merger with Tony Warr, are on the Wait List, as well as Lucinda Fredericks and the stunning Prada (if Lucinda is fit in time after her horrid fall at Tweseldown), Americans Colleen Rutledge and her superbly scopey Shiraz, and Clark Montgomery and the impressive Universe. James Robinson and his evergreen Comanche, bidding to set the record for Badminton completions, is also holding his breath to see if he makes it, along with a host of others.

Screen shot 2013-04-11 at 21.07.46

Image taken from Badminton website.

I fully see that Badminton is about the Best of the Best, but it seems so unfair that fit, ready-to-go horses won’t get the run… although at least nowadays riders can aim for Luhmuhlen if they want to go to another 4*, whereas years ago if you didn’t get in at Badminton you had to go to Bramham instead, and/or wait for Burghley.

Spare a thought too for those who have already had to withdraw, due to minor (hopefully not major) niggles with horses. There are already six on that list, including Piggy French, Mark Todd, and Christopher Burton. So disappointing and frustrating.

Since history tells us that usually at least 1 or 2 horses will either be spun at the first trot-up, or somehow not get to the xc start (withdrawn due to a last-minute drama, for example), it seems a shame that 82 can’t be given the chance to start, so that 80 will go forward to xc day. Given the choice between not getting there at all, and having the chance to do the dressage test and hopefully get a run too, I bet those top two on the Wait List would grab the opportunity!

I’ll be checking those pages frequently in the next two weeks to see who gets in and who, guttingly, has to withdraw. Good Luck to all would-be competitors.



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