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Behind the Scenes at Rolex – the final installment

Our roving reporter Lee Ann Zobbe was stuck in a technology black-out yesterday – so here is her final installment from the Rolex Kentucky 4*.

William Fox-Pitt now goes.....

William Fox-Pitt now goes…..

Sorry I didn’t get a chance to send an update from Rolex on Saturday–it was a busy day, further complicated by the cellular network being overwhelmed–when cell phones are no longer working we notice how much we’ve gotten used to them!

In spite of the forecast for rain, cross country conditions were darn near perfect–cool and overcast with only what I like to call a few instances of “high humidity” (a light drizzle). From the backside of things we had a really quiet morning, with only Becky Holder having an unlucky moment & coming off (actually at my fence). She and her horse were unhurt and walked back to the stable. The afternoon was a lot more lively, with stops around at various spots in the course, and a few falls, but again, no one was hurt so it ended up a good day.

.....head to head with Andrew Nicholson for the Rolex Grand Slam at Badminton next weekend!

…..head to head with Andrew Nicholson for the Rolex Grand Slam at Badminton next weekend!

And then the rain held off long enough for everyone in the campground to get their grilling done, favorite beverage quaffed, and general merriment insued. The Canadians had nuthin’ on us.

Show jumping was beautiful and the course rode hard, not a lot of clears as the rails seemed to be on very shallow cups. There were a couple of horses that got the good citizen award as they continued to jump from an impossible distance, and some spot-on rounds.

A different view of *that* photo of Andrew Nicholson XC!

A different view of *that* photo of Andrew Nicholson XC!

Andrew Nicholson certainly deserved the win, he and Quimbo were stunning all weekend.

I wish I could join you guys at Badminton next week! It looks to be an exciting weekend.

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  • Maybe you can answer a question for me that I’ve always wondered about. I watched Rolex via USEFnetwork and saw a lot of other riders on horses who were standing around the course (not on the course, and not competitors). Are those volunteers or employees of KHP?

    • I believe they are outriders – They usually collect the score sheets from fence judges, help members of the public, assist with loose horses and accompany any riders that need it back to the stables. They are usually local Pony Club riders or volunteers. At Badminton its carried out by members of the Beaufort PC and Hunt.