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The Badminton Trot-Up.

577512_498877940161339_289156839_nBathed in sunshine, but cold enough that the wraps were still on the topiary trees either side of the doors of Badminton House, the trot-up was absolutely thronging. I’ve never seen so many people watching a trot-up: it was about 10 deep, and the three huge trailers 389080_498878130161320_1931880894_nthey’d provided for people to stand on for a better view were packed too.

This made for an absolutely electric atmosphere, which was a bit much for some! Francis Whittington’s Sir Percival was one of the first to have some fun on the ‘catwalk’, and Nicola Wilson’s Opposition Buzz was sure we were all there just for him, and was absolutely wild, needing one person on each side at one point to keep him under control. I noticed that of all the riders who tacked up and went for a ride straight after the trot-up, Nicola was the only one in a jump saddle… maybe she didn’t trust that she’d stay on his antics in a dressage saddle!

263149_498877986828001_173596481_nMost of the riders looked really happy to be there, although some of the regulars looked rather bored with this tedious but necessary part of the proceedings.

Quarter marks were very much in evidence, particularly for the Scottish contingent, who were sporting intricate thistles, and Kilronan, who sported a kangaroo, very hard to achieve on a grey horse, so 10/10 to his groom for managing that.




945622_498878290161304_1920729990_nThe outfits were, as always, entertaining. White jeans and snazzy jackets were very much in evidence. Nicky Roncoroni was wearing a lovely turquoise jacket, military style, which looked absolutely stunning. Laura Collett looked as if she had literally just stepped out of the hairdresser’s, I have no idea how she managed that! Tiana Coudray was in a very short skirt and heels, very brave, especially since Ringwood Magister was one of the most lit-up and towers over her, she gets the special Yes, I Can Sprint In Heels Too award.  Ludwig Svennerstal definitely gets the Best Dressed Man award from us for his Black Tie ensemble, although the Italians in uniform came a very421997_498878246827975_1399164155_n close second. Ingrid Klimke’s patterned skirt and knee-high boots with heels were very smart.


Zara Phillip’s High Kingdom got up to some gasp-inducing shenanigans under the archway before even reaching the 945349_498878266827973_509054116_ntrot-up strip, and it took all her strength and experience to control him in front of the

Only one horse was held and represented, the Italian Marco Biasia’s Tatchou, who did look a bit ‘noddy’ to spectators, but the judges were satisfied and he passed on re-presentation.

Phase 1 complete… dressage begins at 10am tomorrow, can’t wait!




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  • Comparing the analysis of the trot up at Badminton vs Rolex, it appears that horses were considerably more nervous at Badminton. Is that the case? If so, why do you think that happened?

  • Fiona, since you’ve asked so nicely, Irish pics to follow, Katie took over 1,000 photos yesterday so they’ll take a bit of sorting!
    Melissa, it’s possibly because there’s an absolute wall of spectators opposite Badminton House, on the left hand side as they come through under the arch, I’m not sure Rolex trot-up is as well-attended, is it?