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How Did I Live Without: the Rider’s Diary

Screen shot 2014-02-14 at 15.05.58I was lucky enough to be given a Rider’s Diary Binder for Christmas, and was instantly impressed by the really lovely quality of it – this will be something to treasure for decades. (I am not kidding, I have a beautiful Address Book with Stubbs paintings of horses on the cover and inside, which I’ve had for nearly 25 years now, and it’s still going strong!)

The Rider’s Diary is billed as “an easy to use and effective way to log your horse’s training achievements, health issues, competition successes and a whole lot more.”

I used to keep all my horse records in various notebooks, as well as on my phone, but to be honest some of them are heaven-knows-where, so it’s lovely to have them all together, and to KNOW that I can put my hand on all that information in a second.

Anyone who has ever had a Smartphone failure knows the pain. Last year my iPhone got glitchy and deleted EVERY previous month’s calendar entry. It was all supposed to be backed up but that didn’t work either. I’m sure it was operator error, but that didn’t make it any more palatable, to lose so many important diary entries. When I booked a booster, my vets were positive that I hadn’t had my foal vaccinatedagainst tetanus the day after her birth two years ago (I KNOW I did, I always do!) and I had nothing to contradict them with. I knew the date, but had to go on their records, which weren’t correct! Argh. So, we had to start again with an anti-tetanus regime, frustratingly.

Screen shot 2014-02-14 at 15.05.39So, this beautiful diary is VERY appealing. There are 100 pages included, and room for full records of 3 horses, plus of course you can buy extra refill pages for more if you like. There’s space for photographs, a Diary (of course), and sections on Health (to record farrier visits, feeding, worming, dentist and veterinary details), Training, Feeding, and Competitions.  Refills are available to purchase for whichever section(s) you need, as you fill it up. Each page has DATE and HORSE so you can record as you need to, and record more than one horse per page.

Rather than having to look back at competition photos to check which bit/noseband combination I used successfully at x event (and sometimes working out which mouthpiece it was has absolutely driven me to distraction!) I can note it all down in one Truly Safe Place. 

So, this lovely Diary is highly recommended, either as a present or an indulgent purchase for yourself!

The Rider’s Diary Binder has a RRP of £19.99. To find out more, see www.ridersdiary.com.au.

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