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Tip of the Day: Rug storage in a dustbin

IMG_6879At this time of year, those of us who have rugged our horses over winter can, if we are at home, spend half our time rushing backwards and forwards to the fields so our darlings don’t get too hot if the temperature suddenly rises, or soaked through and cold.

This morning my horses, which all spent the night unrugged when it was dry, were in danger of getting soaked. Luckily I now keep their rugs up in the corner of the field in a wheelie bin. Easy to move around, the  horses ignore it (after initial suspicion), and it keeps the rugs dry and conveniently close for ‘quick, chuck a rug on that horse’ moments.

Of course if there are any thieves about a bin attracts a lot less attention than a pile of bright rugs. Also, some horses play with rugs if they can, pulling them through the fence etc. Even my inquisitive youngster has ignored the bin once she realised there was nothing to eat in it!

For the record, my wheelie bins aren’t stolen: people return filthy or damaged ones and the council sells them off. 🙂 🙂

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  • My 5 year old would have a field day! The wheelie bin would be in the middle of the field; wide open with the rugs trashed. Good idea, but would have to put round the corner in the next field!

  • Hi Nicola, well, I thought mine would too, but they found it boring very quickly… good point though!