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Tip of the Day: Free fresh additives


Dandelions in abundance.

Most of us turn our horses out nowadays in paddocks which are manicured and pretty-much weed free, and so our horses don’t necessarily get the diversity they’d like if they could roam freely and pick and choose as they go.


Milk Thistle harvest!

So I try to supplement their grazing with various plants when I find them.

This includes offering to go and clear neighbours’ gardens of them – I scored about 3 huge bags of milk thistles that way!

Dandelions, Cleavers, Nettles (once wilted they lose their sting), Milk thistle (always a particular favourite) are all easy to find and go down a treat (well, they need a bit of encouragement to eat the nettles, I find), and have various positive effects, for instance Milk Thistle is very good for the liver.

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