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Tip of the Day – Passport Declarations

passportHave you signed the declaration at the back of your passport to sign your horse out of the food chain? This is Section IX Part II where you will find a space for you and/or your vet to sign it. It means that your horse can legally receive common drugs such as bute (phenylbutazone) and sedatives and also means that individual details of every drug given do not need to be recorded in the medicine record. If you wish your horse to remain eligible for the food chain it severely restricts the drugs that your vet is able to use and drug withdrawal times for those few drugs permitted will need to be adhered to before slaughter. If you have a duplicate passport (for example to replace one that has been lost) your horse will automatically have been already signed out of the food chain.

You may have a personal prefence which means that you’d prefer your horse to be eligible to enter the food chain, but this option really does entail a lot of paperwork and severely restricts the drugs which are available to treat any problems you horse might have – in most cases it’s much easier and better for the horse to opt out. Chek your passport today and sign Section IX if you haven’t already done so!

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