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Buy/Sell part 6 – Where to advertise and where to look

Following on from the previous articles in this series you will have if selling your horse your advert ready along with accompanying photos and video. So now the question at hand is where to place it on which sites and in which magazines and as a buyer where should you look?

We would be mad not to mention Horse & Hound, the Magazine has one of if not the largest readership of equestrian magazines and has a large dedicated classifieds section which is read by an eventer’s target market fellow eventers. Other magazines include horse deals.

There is a very distinctive problem with magazine adverts though and that is simply as soon as they are published they are out of date in the current digital world. A horse submitted for sale by close of adverts on say a Thursday could easily be sold by the following thursday when the magazine is published. H&H has a monday for Thursday print deadline (for horses other adverts have different deadlines) which is shorter than many but there is essentially still a delay between submission and publishing. For this reason we strongly recommended spending your money on digital advertising online rather than in print especially as it is often better value for money as your ad lasts for longer than just one or two magazine issues. Also an incorrect printed ad cannot be removed whereas a digital ad can be removed or corrected. In magazines I’ve seen horses with incorrect photos, wrong phone numbers and shocking typos nevermind those that have accidentally been re run weeks/months after the horse has sold!

So which sites do people use and do different types of horse get advertised on different sites?

The big three are Horsequest, Horsemart and Horse&Hound which all have their good and bad points. Horsequest you have to hunt for their search capabilities (but as we’re nice here is a direct link) but you have better ability to drill down through sections according to discipline and height. Horse&Hound have improved their classifieds site significantly recently which now has better search facilities but you cannot drill down by discipline. You can search by keywords but not all eventers will have the word ‘event’ or ‘eventer’ in the ad. Horsemart has I would say the largest amount of search criteria but a horse can’t be dual listed in two categories so an eventer will often be placed in allrounders instead of eventer. As a vague rule I find more top end competition prospects are advertised on H&H and Horsequest whereas you find more lower level allrounders on Horsemart.

For cheaper sites and when bargains can often be found it’s worth hunting out regional sites. A good example is www.nfed.co.uk which is the New Forest Equine Directory but covers a large proportion of the south, there are multiple ads daily and I often spot several potential projects on there normally when I am not in a position to buy one!

British Eventing actually has it’s own classifieds section now which has the added beauty of directly linking to a horse’s record (if it has one). It is still relatively new so does not list a vast amount of horses but worth a look without question.

There is also one site that may not be immediately obvious but is free and I’ve known some people to have great success both buying and selling and that believe it or not is facebook! There are now numerous groups for every area of the country in addition to the main disciplines for equine classifieds. Some are more popular than others and will be seen by far more but there are several factors to keep in mind. If posting in one of the more active groups for your area which will most likely have thousands of members expect your ‘ad’ to disappear within an hour or so down the page. Read the group ‘rules’ if there are any regarding ‘bumping’ or reposting ads and be sure to adhere accordingly as otherwise your advert(s) will disappear. An advert on a facebook group will need to be short and catchy and accompanied preferably by at least 2 or 3 photos posted at the same time. Facebook is a great free advertising tool you just need to be prepared to put the time in posting in various groups at appropriate timings. To find suitable groups in the top search box on Facebook search for phrases such as “equine london”/”horse bristol”/”equestrian south west” and other similar. Some are very localised (to small town level) so it is worth searching for ones for your town, surrounding towns, your county and neighbouring counties and then your area i.e. south west, south etc. Facebook will normally bring up some options before you’ve even finished typing but if none look relevant click ‘see more results for’ which will appear at the bottom of their suggested pages.

A good (but far from exhaustive) list of advertising sites is including a few more random ones!
Horse Deals
Pony Club
British Eventing
British Dressage

Do you have a favourite site you use? Please reply and let us know so we can create a bigger better and more exhaustive list for our readers.

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