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Still Searching for a Calmer that works?

Screen shot 2014-11-18 at 20.33.11I know I keep raving about The Herbal Horse’s Calm Mix, and I realise that it’s very easy to discount my enthusiasm and think “she’s sponsored by them, of course she’d say that.” I admit I think the same thing myself when I see endorsements, sometimes… but this really does work. (And… I don’t get it for free, either!) I have lots of reports from satisfied customers whose horses have just had the ‘stupid/overreactive’ dimension removed from their their behaviour. Easier horses make safer horses, and happier riders and handers. This stuff doesn’t make them dull, or unresponsive, it just makes them that bit saner if they are too sharp, in my experience.

But if you don’t want to take my word for it, here is a full report from a purchaser of Calm Mix, Lucy Muir, reproduced with her full permission of course.

I had previously used other calmers (in particular NAF Magic and was using this prior to trying Calm Mix) but this was having no effect on either of my horses. In particular Tom who is an ISH with a bubbly infectious personality that nearly all of the time is wonderful. However, he has the ability to see imaginary monsters, shadows, BIG leaves, and any bird of any description flapping was just all too much and he would either do an over exaggerated leap and shoot off or stop dead and try and run off. None of this was too terrible but it was just annoying and frustrating especially when schooling. He also had no patience – he wouldn’t wait at road junctions, wouldn’t wait for cars to pass etc – I think he had previously got away with a lot just because he is a cheeky loveable chap.

On Kerry’s review on E-venting on Calm Mix I thought I would give it a whirl.
Within the first dose there was an immediate difference. The leaps were smaller, the monsters weren’t frightening and he would wait at a junction out hacking. Over the next couple of days I tried out giving half the amount and none. The effects are immediate and when he had none in his breakfast he was a little monkey again. And it sounds obvious, half the amount had half the effect! It’s palatable, excellent value for money and I certainly won’t be using anything else now. I rode this morning in a howling gale and in an absolute downpour and he paid no attention to the typhoon and schooled beautifully – I can’t ask for more than that.
There will be no need for expensive pastes at competitions either!

Tom is a fairly large chap at 16.2 and irish and I have found that 3/4 measure in both his morning and night feed is the perfect amount. He is still his awesome self, not at all drowsy just without his plonker moments! Happy days šŸ™‚

Just to reassure everyone, full testing has been carried out and the mix contains absolutely NO banned ingredients, it is absolutely safe to use.

It contains tryptophan, an essential amino acid which makes the body produce serotonin. In my layman’s brain, from my reading, this means that it promotes a feeling of relaxation and happiness in the horse. Simple as that. Bright, happy horses, not anxious, reactive horses. Mine only get a tiny sprinkle of it on most days, not even 1/2 a scoop, but more the evening before and morning of a day that is likely to be very stressy for them. It’s now known a ‘Happy Powder’ here!

If anyone wants to try, the discount code “kerry5off” gives a 5% discount on all products on the website. Better than nothing, and definitely worth a go! I absolutely wouldn’t be without it on my yard now.

Or, if anyone wants to buy a Trial size pack of the Calm Mix, get in touch with me, on the post below or by email at kerilli at gmail dot com, please. I put about 4 days’ worth into a pack, with instructions and measuring scoop (and do free postage). That should be enough for you to tell whether it works on your horse, without the outlay for a full sized bag. So far I think we’ve only had one on which it didn’t seem to have a definite effect.

For those who have asked, bigger sizes of Calm Mix should be available at some point, too.


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    • With respect, I disagree. If my understanding is correct, since this contains, amongst other things, an amino acid (Tryptophan) in which my horses’ diets might be lacking, that could be the reason why it just takes the extra-stupid/dangerous dimension out of my horses’ behaviour.
      I do ride my horses properly. I train them carefully and systematically, and am pretty competent and hopefully not a total muppet!
      But sometimes a horse’s illogical behaviour (I am talking about total over-reaction to, say, a tree beside the arena, when every single regular check on horse/tack/rider has come back negative) becomes dangerous to the handler/rider (and therefore also to the horse, either short or long-term). If a little bit of this additive makes a severely overreactive horse safer to handle, and the level can then be reduced, then I really do not see the problem.

  • Mark, you’d be amazed at the dramatic effect simple nutrition has on all sorts of problems.

    • Hi Kirsti, I did reply to you yesterday on Facebook when you asked this question, I haven’t ignored you! The link to The Herbal Horse website is in the article itself, in the first line, and here
      or you can email me (as described at the end of the article) for a Trial Pack.
      Sorry, the Trial packs aren’t free, but I do free p&p and there’s enough in a pack to see whether it has an effect on your horse. šŸ™‚

  • Thats a rather naive comment Mark, replacing something missing in the nutrition of the horse can make huge changes , so why wouldnt that be a better alternative to sitting out undesirable behaviour