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Tip Of The Day: Fixed object guides for riding lines

When walking your course and deciding on a line through a combination if you are going to use an object as a reference point make sure it’s a fixed object. It’s not uncommon to hear stories of riders to choose a car, tractor, trailer or even a portaloo thinking ‘that won’t move’ especially if walking their course only an hour or less before they are due to ride. But be warned that object will move and even worse it may only move a small distance which will completely throw you out on your line as you may not realise it has moved until it is too late.


Here you would not use the car as your point of reference although you could use the fence in the distance; if it’s part of the course it will not be moved mid competition.

So if you are going to pick an object make sure it is a fixed one like a tree, power pylon or building.

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