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Tip of the Day: (Sometimes) Hard-won XC tips, part 3.

Always go for a conservative stride to a fence after climbing a hill on a xc course, NEVER try to go for a long one.
At the top of the hill, give your horse a few easy strides to get its breath back before pushing the horse together and carrying on. Even horses which normally like a long one aren’t usually keen on the idea when a bit out of puff!


Andrew Nicholson on winning form at Chatsworth CIC***. You can’t really tell from the picture but this is a fence after a steep uphill climb.

Not knowing about this cost me a very embarrassing flight over my (usually very bold and honest) horse’s head, taking the bridle with me, in my first and only Team Chase, in the days before body protectors!

We do these things so you don’t have to… 😉 😉

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