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Tip of the Day: Warming up in different bits

Screen shot 2013-07-08 at 13.42.21A lesser-known rule at B.E. is that you are permitted to warm up for any phase in ANY tack allowed for any other phase… this of course includes bits.

A typical example used by a canny few is to warm-up for the dressage in a pelham, and then swap to a permitted snaffle at the last moment.
It’s not ideal, you’d prefer to get the horse properly through and working correctly in the snaffle, but as we know, some horses can be very tricky! I have seen a horse at Burghley being worked in a pelham and dressage saddle, so even the great do it when necessary.

Obviously you must make sure to swap to permitted tack for the dressage, before your test!


Photo by Steve Bell.

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  • William Fox Pitt has been doing this on a Novice horse this year! My friend couldn’t work out what was going on as she was suppose to follow him! Quick change of bridle and yep she did follow him!