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Burghley Dressage Day 1


Early dressage leaders Andreas Dibowski and Butts Leon strutting their stuff in exemplary style!

Riders on the first day of Dressage were lucky enough to ride in glorious sunshine, in contrast to the rain forecast for tomorrow and Saturday… let’s hope that all manages to avoid Burghley Park!

Jock Paget did a lovely test on Clifton Lush, and was considered slightly harshly marked by some, to take the lead on 42.0. Sarah Cohen’s Treason did a very nice test but was audibly grinding his teeth throughout, and looked tight through the jaw at times, for a 48.0. Alex Peternell’s horse was very uptight and gave him a tricky time, he did well to contain it as tactfully as he did, but the score is not great. Andrew James’ Loch Sunart was tense, showing a four time canter and the judges slammed him for it, for a 73.2. Andreas Dibowski’s test on Butts Leon was flowing and expressive, his extensions in particular were stunning, as you can see in the photo!


Ingrid and Abraxxas sweep into the lead

We then had quite a wait until Ingrid Klimke produced her trademark beautifully accurate and flowing work to sweep into the lead on a deservedly excellent score of 39, scoring a 10 from Nick Burton at C for her halt before rein-back.

Andrew Nicholson had a few small mistakes with Avebury to go into fourth place at this stage on 42.3, and Kai Ruder had Le Prince des Bois, who was so wild at the trot-up, perfectly focussed, just one change being particularly tricky, to score 44.2. Paul Tapner has Kilronan in beautiful balance to score 47.5 in 6th.





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