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Lorry Park Lunacy

Screen shot 2013-09-27 at 13.55.07I haven’t been to loads of events this year, but at two I have witnessed a totally unattended horse grazing between boxes, and the owners having an “oh, he’s fine, he won’t go anywhere” attitude. This pic shows one of them. The horse had a lunge line attached to his headcollar, lying in the grass (to the right in the picture, you can just see it) where he could easily step on it!

I am flabbergasted by this kind of thing, to be honest. A horse may be the biggest pig in the world and look totally engrossed in stuffing his face on grass, but it only takes another loose horse or another drama of some kind to trip his flight animal mechanism and put him and other horses, let alone people, in danger.

Perhaps the ‘no loose dogs in the lorry park’ rule needs to be extended to include the supposedly obvious (but apparently not!) ‘no loose horses in the lorry park’, too!

Am I the only one who has a bit of a problem with this?!?!


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  • Completely agree… An Event is run for spectators, supporters and competitors… Not just for people who want to graze their horses for free! Most of us know it doesn’t take much to spook a horse and it only takes one runaway horse to turn a nice day into a horrible accident.

  • I would take this even further and say horses should not be left unattended whilst tied to the outside of their lorry or trailer. It annoys me to hear owners being called back to thier box because their beloved is loose in the park or to see them swinging about in distress, or with a leadrop caught under a bumper or with a foot in a bucket… I have no problem with horses tied up outside just why do people think its okay to faff off for an hour or so and just leave them to it ?

  • Cala, I agree. I drove into Keysoe last year to see a horse standing tied to a trailer, with a front hoof caught in its haynet, patiently waiting to be freed… eek. I got it unhooked and told the people at the box next door.
    I never leave a horse tied outside without supervision, it’s crazy dangerous imho.

  • After some of the results I have had this year, am tempted to leave horse loose in lorry park and hope someone takes a fancy to it!

  • Id be livid if i had an eejit with that attitude next to me at an event, it just screams accident waiting to happen