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Tip of the day: know how to remove a shoe

Ask your farrier to teach you how to remove a shoe. Photo ©Katie Mortimore

Ask your farrier to teach you how to remove a shoe. Photo ©Katie Mortimore

In the event of your horse half pulling a shoe it is normally more dangerous to leave it on as you risk your horse piercing its sole with the clips or a nail or pulling off a section of hoof wall. For this reason every horse owner should know how to safely remove a shoe.

We won’t tell you how as we are not trained farriers and the best way to learn is to do so. So next time your farrier is due ask him (or her) to teach you how to remove a shoe. I’ve not met a farrier yet unwilling to as by doing so they are potentially saving themselves a lot of hassle when it comes to repairing damage afterwards if you weren’t able to remove the shoe.

You will also need to have access to basic tools in the form of a buffer, hammer and pincers. Most larger yards will have a kit or someone will have them but you need to know who has them and where they are kept in event of an emergency.

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  • I had a horse pull one side of a shoe off out hacking, and bend it severely on that one side so that he couldn’t put his hoof down. (He had been recently shod, just jumped a puddle wrong). With one panicking horse I had to pull the shoe off in the middle of nowhere with just my hands, and using my chest as leverage. Luckily I got it off fine, with minimal damage, then called my parents to bring the horse lorry to the nearest road, which I led him too. Much easier to do with tools mind you!