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Tip of The Day : The neck curve – a dead giveaway

A follow on from my post about the true feel and look of connectedness.

Screen shot 2013-10-14 at 09.29.16

Very old pic of me on my big Hannoverian. His neck is arched and his nose is slightly btv, but in fact he is NOT working correctly yet, look at his neck…

The curve under the neck is another huge tell-tale as to whether a horse is truly working correctly.

The curve between jaw and chest should be upwards, following the same line as the curve at the top of the neck between poll and withers. The under-neck muscles should be soft, allowing this curve.

If it does not look like this, if it is actually a downwards curve from jaw to chest, there is no true give at poll and/or jaw, there is tension and resistance and force being used to counter these deficits, and to make the horse arch its neck and bring its face to the vertical.

Screen shot 2013-10-14 at 09.32.41

One of my favourite photos. Neck stretching correctly forwards and showing soft underneck muscles. Truly ‘through’ at poll and jaw, even though nose is still slightly in front of the vertical!

A horse which is genuinely through at poll and jaw will show a relaxed underneck.

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