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Eventing Misses!

Its hump day and in order to get us closer to the weekend I thought I would share my very good friends and my own epic misses out eventing. If you have an amazing eventing miss then please share with us at ask@e-venting.co.uk. I am sure for the very best one we can dig out a prize!

  • My favourite time was when M, her son W (aged 14 at the time) and friend S all went eventing. Somehow M forgot both hers and W breeches and so the 3 of them shared S’s one pair. Luckily their times meant they could do this as otherwise they would have been in real trouble!
  • There was also the time when M was eventing with her son and S and they only had one rain coat between the three of them. Luckily there was a collection of old hacking jackets in the lorry and bailer twine so managed to fashion something up!
  • M was travelling to a Pony Club event down south. She had forgotten to dry Ws breeches and so had the heater
    About 5 seconds after this photo was taken, I was going to be eliminated...!

    About 5 seconds after this photo was taken, I was going to be eliminated…!

    full blast and the breeches resting on her steering wheel of the lorry while she tried to dry them. As well as dealing with drying clothing, M had absolutely no idea where she was going as had forgotten to bring her mobile, a schedule or any other form of guidance. So M did what she does best and guessed where she should go once off the motorway and luckily for her managed to find the event.

  • A friend was grooming for M at the Bath & West. The friend watched with horror as the horse was bought off the lorry as one side was clean and the other side looked like the horse had been involved in a horse fall as was covered in mud. M had been running late and so had run out of time to clean the horse and had turned up to the event with only one side clean.
  • M was leading after the dressage and Sjing. Unfortunately with doing so well, nerves had built up so much that when she was on XC, she and the horse had accidentally got stuck on a fence. Luckily the horse was very obliging and rather than the officials having to dismantle the fence the horse sidled along the fence until the end and was then freed.
  • This is not an eventing story but it amuses me! M had taken both of her sons to a horse show when they were both quite young. Both her sons had been boys and by the end of the day were absolutely filthy. M took W into his final class of the day and apologised to the judge for the state of her son. The judge smiled and said don’t worry there was a child in the class before who had been in a far worse state. M smiled as admitted to the judge that it was her youngest son.

Now for me!

  • I once went with a friend to Monmouth BE event. My friend was doing the novice and I was doing BE100. My
    My first ever ODE on my 11.2hh pony.

    My first ever ODE on my 11.2hh pony.

    friend had to be there pretty early so I ended up with about 5 hours before my times. My OH accompanied us and I walked the course with my friend doing the novice. I was blatantly not paying attention and was too busy being lackadaisical because I was eliminated for missing out a fence after an ok dressage and clear SJing. My OH was furious with me and accused me of not taking the sport seriously enough!

  • Do I mention the time I was eliminated for jumping the wrong fence? My other half was furious because I had already been eliminated in the year for missing a fence and now I was jumping the wrong one!
  • I should have seen the above coming really as at my first ever one day event I was eliminated for jumping the fence backwards. I was 6 and had no idea about red on the right. The difference is that it was my mother who was furious not my other half!


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