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Tip of the day: Feed measures

Have you ever had to tell a friend/groom/fellow livery what to feed your horse over the phone and worry that they will end up feeding them too much or too little because your definition of half a scoop is different to theirs?

Reader Jenny contacted us with this tip to solve that issue. The simple solution is to have a different sized measuring device for each feed type which is stored in each appropriate bin that when filled to the brim is the amount required to be fed.

So for example if you feed 1/2 a normal scoop of nuts but that amount of nuts fits perfectly to the brim of say a takeaway container use that container as the measuring device. Some useful measuring devices include plastic cups/beakers, mugs, tupperware, jugs and similar although we advise not to use glass or ceramic containers that can chip for safety reasons.

Once you have the appropriate containers you can then say to the helper it is one container of each feed.

If you are in the situation that you have more than one horse that share a feed type but have different amounts mark the respective containers clearly with the horses name using a permanent marker.

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