Rolex Kentucky

Countdown to Rolex Kentucky

Rolex 2013-20133418We know that e-Venting has lots of fans from across the pond, so we’re hugely pleased and excited to tell you all that this year we have our own reporter and photographer on the ground! Darla Aniline will be bringing you all the news and gossip from the Kentucky Horse Park, so without further ado, here’s her first installment:

It’s countdown to Rolex 2014 Three-Day Event  CCI4* in Lexington, Kentucky, USA folks! There are 17 anticipation-filled days left to the largest and most prestigious Three-Day Event in North America. [Ed: for those of you who aren’t as familiar with the only 4* in the Americas, check out]

This year proves to be the largest ever accumulation of competitors to show since the record set in 2012 in anticipation of the Olympic games. There are now 82 talented and accomplished professional riders whom have signed up from all four corners of the globe. Countries currently represented for the RK3DE include : Australia, Brazil, Canada, Great Britain, Netherlands, New Zealand, and the United States

Rolex 2013-20133569As an international equine sports photographer, I am extremely happy to be covering Rolex 3-Day for e-Venting from the Kentucky Horse Park for the duration of the event this year. It’s been my dream to cover this with media credentialing since I first attended in 2009 as a regular ‘Joe’ with my husband and friends.

During the next 3 weeks as we count-down to the RK3DE, I will attempt to share highlights, history, what to expect, what to wear for the weather, and also other fun-facts involved with the goings-on at the Kentucky Horse Park. Who knows, I may be at the forefront of a few fun tidbits of all this frivolity that I can pass on to you all. For starters, I hear that there may be a wedding at RK3DE!

Rolex 2013-20133510To help those of you not obsessed with Rolex, here’s some Fast Facts about the event:

Day 1 (Wednesday, April 23rd) will include the First Horse Inspection. This is to determine “The soundness and general condition of the horse prior to the beginning of the competition”

Day 2 and 3 (Thursday April 24th and Friday April 25th), we will cover the ever-breathtaking and elegant Dressage Test.

Also on Day 2 (Thursday April 24th) at approximately 4pm on Thursday, I’ll be taking a HayRide Group Tour of the Cross-Country Course with International Course Designer, Derek Di Grazia.

Day 4 is the hoof-pounding, heart-stopping “OMG I can’t believe they are going to jump-that!” Cross-Country Test. This commences at 10 am and goes until 3:30 pm.

Rolex 2013-20133440Sunday – Day 5 is the Second Horse Inspection and Stadium Jumping Test. Purpose of this inspection is for “The Inspection Committee to determine if the horse remains fit and sound to begin their final test of the competition, the Jumping Test.” The Jumping Test is held in the arena, or stadium, in reverse-order of standing after the Cross-Country Test on Saturday.

I hope to keep you entertained and glued to your seats during these fun-packed, horse-sweaty-anticipation-filled days.

Darla Aniline is an international photographer who hails from Northwestern British Columbia and resides around Indianapolis, Indiana. One of her professions includes professional equine sports photography. She is steadfastly resolute on becoming the best equine professional photographer in the Universe sometime in the next Century or two. Darla is confident that her videography skills are severely lacking, as attested to by her equine-riding husband who points out that the videos Darla takes of his riding lessons are only useful if he is actually in the frame. Darla is also the owner and co-administrator of an exclusive, international, photographer-only, Facebook group called The Nifty Photographer.


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