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Tip of the Day: Rising Trot

One of my earliest recollections of riding lessons, at the tender age of 4 or 5, was having “UP, DOWN, UP, DOWN” shouted at me as I tried to master rising trot.

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My shoulders aren’t in quite the right place, it’s a work in progress, but at least I’m not rising too high!

It was a very long time till a better instructor told me to think of rising FORWARD instead, as I was in fact rising too high. I was warned by a nagsman once that if I rose that high on one of his really sharp ones, it probably wouldn’t be there when I came back down!

Just rising forward a tiny bit is a much better bet, it looks far tidier and lets you control the horse’s rhythm better. If you then want the horse to do bigger strides in lengthened or medium, you can try doing bigger rises to encourage the stride to open. 

Something my trainer says which I always find helpful is “Let the horse rise you”… i.e. don’t make an effort to rise, just let the horse’s movement push you forwards/upwards a little.



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  • Let the horse throw you up in balance, but dont forget your horse has to balance under you in the sit part. Some horses tighten their backs to force you to trot at their rhythm not yours. The easiest way to teach someone to rising trot is to uses a neck strap. It will keep the rider travelling forward and at the same time teaches them to keep their hand still with soft elbows.