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EventScore Instant #eventinglive updates

Screen shot 2014-04-04 at 14.08.15If you haven’t found it yet, but want to see how a section’s results are going pretty much in real-time this weekend at Belton, check out the new EventScore website.
It’s quick and free to join and sign in, and then you can instantly access results from an event as soon as they are inputted by the scorers on site. At the moment BEDE events are using the system – it was extensively tested at Oasby(1) and is in use today (Friday 4 April) and for the rest of the weekend at Belton International. Hopefully many other Organisers will follow suit.
As well as letting supporters at home (on the yard or even in an International rider’s home country) see exactly how their riders and horses are doing, it has an added advantage for those on site. If you went early in a section and are trying to work out whether you are likely to be placed or not, this avoids ages spent studying the scoreboard, waiting anxiously for someone to come and write them up so you can try to work out where you might eventually end up. You can have a coffee and check your progress up (or down!) the board on your phone or tablet as new results come in.
This looks like the future of event scoring to me, a fantastic idea which should be welcomed by all riders, owners and eventing enthusiasts.

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