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Affordable Sponsorship at Weston Park – Is this the Future of Eventing?

Screen shot 2014-08-19 at 09.33.13Weston Park Horse Trials has rolled out a snazzy initiative, HERE, which enables eventing devotees to be involved in helping to sponsor their flagship 3-Day event in October.

Prices are as low as £45 for their “Bronze Package” items, which are designed to cover so many of the small incidentals of running an event, such as Loos near the Dressage, Lorry Parking Marshals, Fence Judge Briefings, and so on. I suspect that most riders have absolutely no idea just how much these things cost, and how much it all adds up… this is where a huge amount of the money goes. The Entry Fees simply do not cover the cost of running an event such as this.

I’m sure other events do similar initiatives but I have never seen one with an entry point as low as this. I think it’s to be applauded: a lot of people can probably manage £45, to have their name in the programme, receive a Car Pass, and feel that they have done their little bit extra to help the event.
The “Silver Package” at £150 has far more perks (½ A5 page advert in the program, 2 VIP lunch Tickets, banner space, a Sponsor’s car pass, and a web link) and pays for more significant things such as Ambulances (both Human and Horse), Show Jumping Arenas, and so on.
The flagship “Gold Package” pays for the “Competitors Saturday night disco and rodeo competition” and will get a lot of attention! Again, the perks for the Sponsor are very good.

Anyone who is considering dipping a toe in the waters of Sponsorship should definitely have a look. Weston Park 3-day has a real ‘End of Term’ vibe, coming as it does right at the end of the U.K. Event Season. The organisation and the courses are always fantastic and the backdrop, beautiful Weston Park, is stunning.

It is very easily accessible, situated just off the A5, which comes off the M6 at J12. There is the ever-popular and hotly contested Junior Championship at 1*, as well as the Seniors’ 1*, 2*, and the BE90 and BE100s on the Sunday, so lots to see.  Many parts of the XC courses are very easily viewable from the tradestand area.

It may not have the prestige of Burghley and Blenheim, but you can still see a lot of top riders, as well as young stars of the future, many working to qualify their horses for the higher levels. It’s a great event, and well worth supporting.

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