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Tried and Tested: The HorseID Slide-on Identity Tag. The HorseID tag is designed to go on your horse’s headcollar, bridle or breastplate, so that if the worst happens and your horse goes AWOL, anyone catching it has your Emergency Numbers instantly to hand. 20140520-141431-51271927.jpg Screen shot 2014-05-26 at 12.05.45

The Slide-ons are very neat and unobtrusive, neatly engraved with a few lines of information. Such as:

Rider and number
Vet and number
Stables and number.


They are available in Steel or Bronze colour as shown, to match the buckles on your bridle, and in two different sizes.
They have been admired for their smartness every time we’ve been out with them on show. The information is clearly on display, exactly where it needs to be, if someone found your horse and didn’t know what to do next.

Screen shot 2014-05-26 at 15.15.05The company’s owner is a rider and a mum, and is obviously full of good ideas. Her follow-up product is the Emergency Contact Information Wristband, for riders, and for children who might get lost! Spare ID cards are also available, so it can always be kept current.
I believe that in the US event riders now wear medical bands on their wrists instead of medical armbands, an idea which might well be adopted here. These are all great ideas to keep us and our horses safer.

Lucy does a lot of hacking and two years ago was cantering across some fields when the horse stumbled, panicked and bucked her off. The horse disappeared into the distance and Lucy was left in the middle of a big field. The horse managed to gallop two miles towards home before being stopped by someone who luckily recognised him and brought him home. Lucy has also had a gate fall over while trying to open it while out hacking which freaked out her mother’s normally very steady hunter, the horse pulled back and galloped home via the A38. Both times it was a major worry about what would happen to the horse and it’s great to know that someone can be easily contacted in an emergency.

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  • Hi Katerina,
    That’s great, thank you, we’ll spread the word. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  • I used to use a company that made tags for sheeps ears and got them to print surname on one side and number on the other, but these look much smarter and hold more information. the sheep tags were useful also to put on all rugs etc,