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Testing, Testing… the new Horseware Rambo “Vamoose”Sweet Itch Hoody

Screen shot 2014-09-24 at 11.02.18As a long-term Rambo Sweet Itch Hoody fan, I wasn’t sure whether they could possibly make it any better. My standard Hoody is in its fourth year, and still going strong. The liner has shredded a bit, but it has no rips at all (this is the horse who trashed a thin mesh fly rug in 1 week) and it still looks fine on the outside and never rubs, even though she lives in it 24/7. The front fixings needed a bit of DIY this summer, but it is still perfectly usable, which is very impressive after this much use.

This year, however, I have never seen so many mosquitoes and midges in my life, and my horses were really suffering, Daisy (who is sweet-itchy) more than most. She won’t put up with a face mask (I left her in one once, and she somehow got it off in one piece – new, strong velcro under the chin still completely done up – and self-harmed as she did it, sustaining two gouges to her front legs. So, a mask is a no-go, and I needed something to deter the midges in the areas not covered by the rug (even though I use a lot of fly spray on her, sometimes her face is covered with midges, bringing up bumps) and I really hoped that the Vamoose would help with that. It is coated with “a synthetically-engineered version of Permethrin”, which is proof against about 20 washes. I will be washing it very carefully and sparingly, obviously.

So far, so good… she’s been living in it for a few weeks, definitely has fewer midges feasting on her face and legs, and is a happier, comfier horse.

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