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Tip of the Day: Wear a ‘Buff’ or similar over your hair for clipping!

Screen shot 2014-10-23 at 08.52.36

I wore a buff like this one, but pulled right down to cover every mm of my hair. It wasn’t quite as attractive looking as this!

Last week I clipped one of my horses out, and then had the grim situation of No Hot Water in the house that evening, due to an unnoticed boiler override problem. Shudder… the ONE thing I want straight after clipping is a shower, but definitely not an ice cold one, especially in winter!

Of course, sitting around post-clipping, itching and feeling as if I’ve got cooties, and not being able to wash it all off, is a rather disgusting feeling.

Thank goodness I’d worn a ‘Buff‘ neckscarf/headscarf tube over my hair the entire time, as it kept it completely clean and free of clippings, dust and grease.

Because the Buffs are very thin material, they don’t affect the fit of a crash hat, if you wear one for safety’s sake for clipping (always advisable… I know far too many people who’ve suffered a bad kick – out of the blue – while clipping a horse.)

The Buffs come in a great range of colours and styles (including with fleece, for keeping your neck warm when hacking out!) but I use the simplest plainest Original Buff for covering my hair when clipping.

I usually buy mine on ebay, as they have the full range of colours and styles.

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