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YOUR Nominations are Needed for the Shearwater Insurance / ERA Awards!

Screen shot 2014-09-01 at 12.01.23ERA, the Event Riders Association, is seeking Nominations in the following categories:

Best Use of Social Media by an Individual Rider
The ‘Against All Odds‘ Award.

Please nominate below, or, if you’d rather keep it private, to feedback@eventridersassociation.org.uk, by midnight on 24 October 2014.

Then we will have public voting on the top 5 Nominations in each category.

The winners will be presented with their trophies at the End of Season Event (the Eventers’ Ball), for which After Party tickets (from 10pm onwards) are still available, here.

Please note that previous winners are not eligible for these awards. (ERA wants to spread the love a bit!)

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  • I Would like to nominate Trudy Johnson, for her facebook page Twin Oaks Eventing for the Shearwater Insurance ERA AWARD 2014, for the best use of Social Media. Trudy fits all the criteria with her daily posts, of both informative riding experiences, and the very clever use of a head cam, to give her visitors to the page, a real “Eventing ride”, in her competitive life.
    The page is always buzzing with interaction from regular visitors sharing there own wisdom, and reflections’s. Trudy takes time out to encourage new individuals, to the world of eventing, and she has a hand on approach, that every one that meets her find’s inspirational.

  • I would like to nominate Trudy Johnson for the above website for the Shearwater Insurance ERA AWARD 2014, for the Best Use of Social Media. She regularly posts updates on her progress with her 3 main ‘boys’ Smarty, Foxy and of course the gorgeous Winston. Also posting updates on her breaking and training of Sid, her enormous baby.

    Her webcam posts of her rounds on ‘the boys’ at BE Events are great to watch and help bring eventing to some people who can no longer participate due to physical limitations, bringing a smile and sense of involvement that is invaluable.

    The fact that she posts the good and the bad allows us all to appreciate that we are not the only ones who don’t always get it right and in this way she has encouraged many of us to continue aiming to achieve our dreams. The highest number of likes for one post was 4,928 which was for her post on .

    She also uses this website to promote her sponsors and the support they have given her so far in her career, currently Nettex and their brilliant range of products which have benefited her horses all individually (and mine on her recommendations).

    Finally, she uses the website to advertise clinics she holds at her wonderful yard. In this way she continues to support riders at all levels trying to achieve their own goals.

    The website has 436 followers, all of whom I would imagine benefit in one way or another from Trudy’s information and posts – even if it only to smile on a day when it is needed.

    She also regularly updates in twitter eventing.

    I personally cannot thank her enough for her help and support with my baby Cara, who is fabulous now after many trials and tribulations (including tears being wiped!)