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Saddle Research Trust – Conference. Saturday 29 November

Screen shot 2014-11-27 at 12.14.28This coming Saturday I’ll be attending the SRT Conference, camera and notebook at the ready, to get as many notes as possible on a variety of fascinating topics relating to saddles.I’ve always been hugely interested in, and paranoid about, saddles. As the main interface between rider and horse, it is absolutely essential that it is as comfortable and non-impeding as possible. If modern science can help us all to attain that vital goal, both horses and riders will benefit. The day is sponsored by World Horse Welfare, The British Equestrian Federation and Amerigo Saddles.If you can get there, I’m sure it’ll be worth the effort! It’s running all day, and is being held at the Anglia Ruskin University near Cambridge.

More details are available HERE.
“Horse rider interactions are very complex. The 2nd International Conference of the SRT (Horses, saddles and riders: applying the science) is the only meeting which focuses on the crucial role of the saddle in communication and coordination between horse and rider.  It brings riders, scientist and saddle manufacturer together to improve saddles and in consequence riding sport and animal welfare.” ~ Professor Christian Peham

“I know that I will find the conference totally absorbing – it is such an important aspect of our responsibility to our horses, whether they are used for pleasure or profit, which is frequently an impediment to them realising their potential. It is marvellous saddle design is getting the recognition and research it deserves. Thank you for this wonderful opportunity to listen to the experts’ views” ~ Elisabeth Grant, UK .The timetable for the entire day is HERE.
I can’t wait to get loads of notes and then type them all up and share the info, I’m sure it is going to be a fascinating and VERY enlightening day.

There are still some tickets for the day, available to purchase via the website (please follow first link in this article.)

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