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New discipline announced!

We have recently been made aware of a great new sport we feel will really appeal to e-Venting readers! Follow along for an informal introduction to The Next Big Thing!

First, you get a really big rabbit – I mean REALLY BIG, like half a ton big! Then you spend your money –  ALL your money – on a place for it to live (a half ton rabbit is not going to fit in your garden. . .unless you buy a MUCH bigger garden), food for it to eat (IMAGINE how much a really big rabbit eats), equipment to look after it (a dust pan and brush isn’t going to cut it) and whatever professional services it needs (anyone who has ever had a rabbit knows they are prone to getting ill in mysterious ways).

Then, you spend whatever you have left on clothes and kit for it. Yes, kit. Because now you are going to RIDE your giant rabbit!! Yes, that’s right! Imagine how much FUN that’s going to be! Because rabbits are SO inclined to do what you want and they NEVER just leap into the air and run around madly for the heck of it. They certainly NEVER just randomly panic and freak out!

Oh, wait. Yes, they do all those things. Plus they sometimes bite and are prone to kicking when they are upset. Which is cute in a 6 lb rabbit. Less cute in a half ton rabbit.

But never mind, hop on up (see what I did there?) and let’s see how it goes. Rabbits do look incredibly comfortable! They don’t? Oh well, you’ll get used to it! You just need to find someone to teach you the great art of giant rabbit riding! I mean, how hard could that be? You just sit there and the rabbit does all the work, right. . .?


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