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Tried and Tested: Toggi Bellingham Gilet

bellingham_damsonI’ll be frank with you, I’m a bit of a gilet addict. When this Toggi one arrived, my husband rolled his eyes and asked if I’d be throwing any out. I refused to make a decision until I’d thoroughly tested out this one from Toggi.

As you’d expect from Toggi, the quality is really high. It’s lightly padded so perfect for schooling and wearing out in the current temperatures. With the floral print lining, and leather trims, this is a bit too smart for the yard really – though my inner dressage diva was begging me to get a matching saddlecloth and bandages.

I have to confess, I wasn’t totally sold on the Damson colour – it’s a pretty full on royal purple, and I just wasn’t sure it was really me. However, my husband loved it, and so I wore it out. I got so many compliments on the colour I can only conclude it’s me at fault not Toggi here – they obviously have a far better idea of what is fashionable than I do! Don’t be fooled by the picture on the Toggi site – it’s not nearly as pink as it looks on there.

One thing I absolutely love about this gilet is the placement of the middle poppers. By making them central it really gives it a unique look.

So the real test, did it make me throw out my much loved (but exceedingly tatty) pink gilet? Well, you won’t find it on our coat hooks any more, that’s for sure – it hasn’t even been relegated to yard wear. The cat staked his claim, and with my lovely new Toggi Bellingham Gilet to replace it, I willingly handed it over.

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