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Tip of the Day: Ropes as straightness ‘tramlines’ for safety

Screen shot 2015-02-13 at 13.17.42One of my big concerns when using poles on the ground on the landing side of a fence (to encourage straightness) is whether a horse might land on one, so I tend to use planks, but I’m aware that these could cause injury too, so this new idea definitely appeals. I always save leadropes if the clip gets snapped, and have finally found a use for them!
Many years ago my top horse saw tramlines on the landing side of a big spread as we took off, misunderstood, and somehow threw herself sideways to land outside the right side pole… just. It was a truly horrid moment and one I devoutly hope never to repeat.
Someone I know witnessed a very good jumping mare land smack bang on a pole (that was at right angles to the jump on the landing side) and break down completely, that was the end of her career, hence my concern.
The beauty of the ropes is that if a horse does land on one, it has a negligible thickness and will just squidge into the surface without any risk of injury to the horse.
Of course, it’s probably worth walking or trotting over them first from the side, to make sure the horse doesn’t have a silly ‘it’s a snake’ over-reaction, just in case!

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