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ECOGOLD Special – M2M Coloured XC Boots, at a Great Discount!

Screen shot 2015-05-04 at 08.47.53 ECOGOLD saddle pads have quite a following, but what are less known on this side of the Atlantic are their excellent boots, particularly the XC boots. I have used these for years now and so they have been thoroughly tested, day to day as well as at competitions, on all sorts of horses.
They have a lovely soft lining (ideal for sensitive horses, they NEVER rub), are lightweight, contain no neoprene to heat the legs, don’t absorb water, have short tendon guards (no rubbing) and lots of soft shock-absorbing padding – they really are the perfect XC boots. They are also ideal for turnout, as they don’t make the legs sweat at all, even when left on for long periods of time. They are used by lots of top riders in the U.S. and Canada and are starting to make an impact over here in the U.K.

Screen shot 2015-04-24 at 09.34.55ECOGOLD have finally given in to my pleading and will now be doing custom XC boots in a huge variety of colours, all made to order, for the U.K. market only initially. (Although Europe is doable – I can post to there!)

The colour chart is here ———->

And here is the list of colours (in case the colours on your monitor don’t show them accurately. Two members of the e-Venting team had a spirited discussion over exactly what colour the ‘gold’ boots are (echoes of ‘that’ white and gold/black and blue dress!) The gold boots are about the colour of a pound coin, if that helps?!

Top two rows: the LEATHER (for strike pads and velcro strap covers) is available in
Green, Red, White, Orange, Gold,
Grey, Navy, Silver, Black, Yellow.

Bottom two rows: the FABRIC is available in:
Grey, Burgundy, White, Mist (pale blue), Brown
Gold, Navy, Black.

Screen shot 2015-05-30 at 16.07.58In the photo of the all the boots above, you can see that the strike pads take up a large area, so that’s probably the area which you want your main colour to be. The straps can be done either all the same colour (as on the navy/red boots) or alternating stripes (as on the white/blue boots).

They will be available in S, M, L, full size chart is here:
This is measuring the inside of the boots laid flat, right across the middle of the boots, and down the middle of the back panel of the boots (where the strike pad is, which fits down the back of the tendons).

Front boots:

Screen Shot 2015-06-15 at 18.18.20Small – 10″ width x 9″ height.
Medium – 11″ width x 10″ height.
Large 12″ width x 10″ height.

Hind boots:
Small – 10″ width x 11.5″ height.
Medium 11″ width x 12″ height.
Large 12″ width x 12″ height.

If you haven’t ordered ECOGOLD boots before, please measure a pair of boots that fits the horse, very carefully. Obviously because these boots will all be made entirely to order in the combination of colours you choose, they are 100% NOT RETURNABLE or REFUNDABLE.  So please, make sure you check sizings and colours carefully.

If you want to order these, you need to email ECOGOLD direct, as it’s a bit too complicated to put on their website order form.

Here are the details:

Screen shot 2015-05-04 at 12.34.43To place orders, as at this moment we will be selling them in the UK only, they will not be available on our website, and so to purchase them customers must do it by regular email sent to info@ecogold.ca.

They should indicate:
the size of the boots they want
whether they are for the front legs or the hind legs
The colours they want (fabric and leather colours, respectively.)
Their names, address, and phone number.

For the payment they should indicate just the number and Expiry Date of the credit card they  want us to use (Visa or MasterCard). DO NOT send the security code of the back of the card.
They can also make the payment to info@ecogold.ca through PayPal if they prefer it.

The NET price with discount already deducted will be CAN$150.00 for the fronts and CAN$160.00 for the hinds.”

This equates to approximately £80 for fronts and £87 for hind boots at current exchange rates.
These boots are very hardwearing (my oldest ones are years old, used daily, and still good enough to compete in!)

The Shipping Address should be mine (c/o Kerry Weisselberg) as all orders come to me for distribution; this means we get free Shipping from Canada, and Import Duty is paid for by ECOGOLD.

Postage and insurance onwards from my place will be by Collect+ or by Parcelforce, insured, whichever you choose. I’ve done this loads of times and it works very well, you can have total trust that you will get your boots as soon as possible once they have arrived with me.

If you decide to go ahead and order, please let me know on my kerilli at gmail dot com email address. Let me know what you have ordered and where to send it, so that I can parcel them up and readdress them as soon as they arrive.

Just a quick heads-up that the 25% off discount on anything on the ECOGOLD website is still running – their famous saddlepads that don’t move, their shock-absorbing half pads, and the standard black and white boots. Please sign up to the e-Venting newsletter if you would like details of how to order.


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