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Testing, Testing…Horseware Ear Muffs

coneg3_cd06_largeAs the temperature drops, my thoughts instantly turned to hats I can wear on the yard, and I went to dig out my favourite winter head gear. However this year vanity has caused me a real issue. I’ve had my hair cut short, and my favourite hat is, well, less than flattering. So much so that my husband laughed at me last time I put it on.

Since I’m about 15 years too old to sport the headgear of choice in the Young Rider set, a fluffy/tweed headband, I set about looking for an alternative. And once again Horseware came up trumps. Their ear muffs sit round the back of the head, so amazingly fit under my riding hat, and they are both warm and comfortable.

They come in two colour-ways, a plain blue with checked trim, or the blue checks with plain trim. Internally they’re lined with soft fake fur, and they retail at under £10, so are exceptionally good value for money. The perfect winter accessory for the yard!

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