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The Herbal Horse Supplements

I have been a huge fan of The Herbal Horse products since I first came across them a few years ago. They are made by a small family run company (I am a big fan of those, too) in South Africa, and are made up of high quality ingredients, very carefully chosen and ratio’d (if that is even a word?) by a fully qualified Zoologist/Biochemist… and, most importantly of all, they are palatable (there’s no point buying supplements if the horses won’t eat them) and they WORK.

My horses all have whichever particular Mix(es) I feel they would benefit from at the time if they need a little extra dietary help. For instance, anything with suspect feet is on Farriers Mix, the one who suffers with Sweet Itch is on Itch Mix  through the warmer months (and rejoices in having a full mane and tail).

I use their excellent Immune Mix (developed to help horses fighting the dreaded African Horse Sickness) for anything facing an immune system challenge. If a horse on the yard is really on edge, beyond my anticipated levels of equine anxiety and drama-llama-ness, Calm Mix is my go-to, and I have recommended it to lots of friends who have also been impressed with the results. It just takes the silly over-reactiveness away, which makes a big difference with certain sorts.

Rejuven Mix is given to the two oldies on the yard (27 and 37 year old ponies), who are both doing brilliantly on it. The younger one is still in work, and has been here for about 4 months. After she had been here for a month, when she was on a different supplement, I asked whether this (ex riding school) pony ever cantered, as even getting her to trot seemed to be a major accomplishment and she ambled around the field looking as if she was stuck in first gear. Now she canters happily around the field (including a long pull uphill in the field for breakfast and dinner every day), and even under saddle when her little jockey presses the right buttons, it’s a miracle. The even older old lady of the yard does so well on it, she too canters around and does her best to keep up with the big mares, and shows no signs of stiffness as she mooches about with them, pretty incredible considering her very advanced years. I’d highly recommend it for any horse starting to show signs of age.

Digestion Mix is my go-to if there is a change in diet or routine, or any signs of discomfort. It contains Brewer’s Yeast and various other tummy-friendly ingredients, including prebiotics.

When I have a horse in full work, I put it on Sport Horse Mix (especially after hard workout days) and/or Ultimate Mix, for general wellbeing.

They also do Mare Mix and Endurance Mix, which I haven’t needed yet for my horses. A full range to cover whatever your equine needs. Their new addition is Pure Range, and includes Devil’s Claw, Turmeric, Rooibos, Kelp and Magnesium Oxide. Definitely worth checking out, here are the Kelp details, for example.

Keep an eye out for our Giveaway next week, we have 4 bags of various Mixes on offer: 1 each of Mare Mix, Ultimate Mix, Calm Mix and Itch Mix. The bags contain a month’s supply for the average sized horse, plenty of time to show results.

Also, if you are going to Burghley, please note that Dogs & Co will have samples of Herbal Horse and Pet products (for dogs and cats) on their stand there, if you want to check them out.




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