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Eventing News Round Up

A round up of the week’s eventing news and best of the blogs.

It seems Point 2 are no longer selling Air Jackets in the UK. Helite who are the manufacturers of the air bags appear to have taken back the license from Point 2 and will no longer be supplying them with jackets. Statement from HelitePoint Two have put a statement on Facebook . But for riders it is not clear yet what the correct way forward is if they have a fault or their jacket needs checking. Hopefully when this becomes clear we will be able to update everyone.

UPDATE 17/02/13- Although we are yet to receive a reply from P2 directly (we have asked!) we have been informed that P2 are continuing to sell airjackets but they have developed their own design which they will be manufacturing and selling going forward. The main difference will be the firing mechanism, the Helite jackets distributed by Treehouse in the UK will have rotating trigger mechanism whereas I am to understand the new P2 mechanism is of a more fixed nature. The last jackets supplied to P2 by Helite were back in October although some of those may still remain within P2’s supply chain. If we receive any further information we will update you further. We have specially requested clarification regarding the maintenance and servicing of P2 branded Helite jackets.

While we languish in the mud and the ever changing British weather, eventing has kicked off in the USA and this weekend a lot of the pros have gone to Rocking Horse Trials in Florida. http://eventingnation.com/home/buck-davidsons-rocking-horse-winter-ii-friday-report.html#more-54098

The British Eventing Plan for 2013 can be downloaded from the British Eventing Site. It appears training is high on the agenda which has to be a good thing for the sport. http://www.britisheventing.com/news.asp?itemid=3712&itemTitle=British+Eventing+Business+Plan+2013&section=59&sectionTitle=Latest+Eventing+News+Headlines

For BE members in the North and Scotland there is an update on the concerns many members have in this region about the decline of events with the loss of several events for the 2013 season. It has to be a good thing that BE is taking members concerns seriously and holding open dialogue about the issues and what it is trying to do. http://www.britisheventing.com/news.asp?itemid=3711&itemTitle=Scottish+and+Northern+region+update&section=59&sectionTitle=Latest+Eventing+News+Headlines

One of my favourite things to listen to is the Eventing Radio Show. This week there is coverage of the Eventing Forum and it chats to US eventer Clark Montgomery who has moved to the UK for 2013. http://eventingradio.horseradionetwork.com/2013/02/12/eventing-radio-episode-235-by-bit-of-britain-living-the-eventing-dream-in-england-and-the-ief/

The Chronicle of the Horse has a great article on dressage judge comments with riders sharing some of the more amusing. http://www.chronofhorse.com/article/nice-braids

One of my favourite bloggers is Aussie Hamish Cargill. Reading his blogs makes me laugh. Luckily for us he blogs on An Eventful life. http://www.an-eventful-life.com.au/features/hamish-cargills-eventful-life . If you want to read about his time spent in the UK in 2011 it can be found at http://www.hamishcargill.com/




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