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Hot Tip – in B&Q now, on sale!

I found these yesterday (in the Peterborough store), and thought I’d share, as they’re such a good deal. They’re great for storing boots, bandages, leg pads, 1st aid kit, additives… you name it.

Screen shot 2014-03-11 at 11.22.26

Jack Russell not included. She’s reflected in the side, not in the box, honestly!

The plastic is translucent so you can see what is stored in them (always helpful, especially if they’re stacked up in the tackroom) and gives a tiny bit, so shouldn’t be brittle. The lids fit snugly so they are vermin-proof.

The measurements are approximately: 54cm long, 37cm  wide, 26cm deep. The manufacturer is “Kis”.

I saw them in red, blue, grey, and green.

The best bit is the price: usually £8 each, down to £3 each, including the lids. A real bargain.

There you go, perfect excuse to spring clean and get really organised, on a budget!

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