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Winning Riders – Please Attend Prizegivings!!!

http://lksquaredphoto.com/newborn-documentary-in-long-beach/ Screen shot 2014-03-07 at 07.59.01I was lucky enough to sit in on a recent BE meeting, and an important topic that was raised was poor attendance at prize givings. For instance at a certain large event, not ONE first prize winner, across all the sections, turned up for a prize-giving.

frauen über telefon kennenlernen This is seriously disappointing and insulting to the Organiser, who has worked hard on this event with their team for literally MONTHS, and, just as crucially, to any Sponsors. We need to encourage more Sponsors and more money into our sport, I’m sure everyone agrees on that, and disgruntled Sponsors, who might tell their acquaintances of the rudeness of event riders, as well as ceasing their sponsorship, are not what any of us want.

Of course, sometimes real life gets in the way – if you absolutely have to leave at a certain time, and you think you’re likely to be placed, please take the time to let the Secretary know, and to appoint someone to collect your prize, if necessary. It can be a fellow rider, or the horse’s Owner, or a friend… but please, let’s try to eliminate long embarrassing pauses at Prize Givings!

Apparently one Sponsor, who had brought along a very nice prize for the 1st placed rider, who hadn’t bothered to turn up, promptly gave it to the person in 2nd place, who was present… of course, this was well within the Sponsor’s rights!
So, this is a plea to all competitors – if you are placed, particularly in the top 3, PLEASE make the effort to attend the prize giving, or at least to appoint a proxy!


Photo by kind permission of Katie Mortimore.

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  • Agree with the sentiment of this. If I am lucky enough to be there it will be for a low placing!!!!

    But in reverse….some events could be soooooooo much quicker with the results and once with a low placing I waited for a very very plain rossie with “placed” on it. Rather poor at a BE event.

  • I do agree with this in theory… but what do you do if you have travelled hours to get to a venue and by the time you have finished your competing for the day there is still 3/4’s of a section to go? Sometimes it is just not viable making my horse and grooms/helpers wait around for another 3 hours for the class to finish and results be posted…

  • Louise, Claire… I agree. I’ve faced the dilemma of “3 hour trip home, do we wait around with tired horse on lorry for hours, just in case…”
    I think as long as you tell the Secretary (if you’ve done a good dressage and finished near/on it, it’s fairly likely you might get placed!) and if possible appoint someone there later to collect your prize, it’s okay. The top few places are the most important ones, obviously.
    Apparently lower-level riders are better about attending prize givings, but of course Pros will often be riding other horses anyway (which is, obviously, always a perfectly valid reason for not being at the prize giving!)
    It’s never an ideal situation, especially because you often can’t hear the PA system from all areas of the lorry park, so it’s easy to miss the prize giving even if you are still on site, as the time it is held can vacillate wildly, but a bit more effort in both directions might just pay off and keep everyone a bit happier! 🙂