Kit List

This is your handy e-venting kit list – we’ve even provided a PDF for you to download and print off. The downloadable version includes all the things we think are useful to have with you on the day, but we think these are the essentials:

Download by clicking here: Kit List


  • Complete change of clothes (including underwear – the day you forget is the day you fall off in the water jump)
  • Boots for walking course (waterproof so you can go into the water jump and test how deep it is/what the footing is like)
  • Show jacket
  • Stock/tie
  • Stock/tie pin
  • Shirt
  • Beige/Buff/White breeches
  • Long boots/short boots and leather gaiters
  • XC colours/top for wearing XC
  • Body protector
  • Medical armband with up to date insert
  • Crash hat
  • Silks for crash hat – one for XC and navy/black one for dressage and SJ
  • Whip
  • Hairnet (and a spare!) plus bands if needed
  • Gloves
  • Start fee in cash
  • Sports drinks like lucozade
  • Chocolate/food/cash for the catering vans
  • Several coats – warm and waterproof
  • BE schedule
  • Phone numbers for the BE hotline, the secretary and the ‘on the day’ emergency number
  • Directions to the event, noting any restrictions on way in/height of vehicle/roads


  • Bridle (with any changes of bit you need)
  • Saddle
  • Girth
  • White saddlecloth
  • Breastplate (with martingale attachment if needed)
  • XC boots (closed fronted with tendon guards)
  • Over reach boots
  • Haynet (and a spare full one in case you break down/get stuck in traffic)
  • Turnout rug
  • Cooler/fleece x 2
  • Stud kit

Trailer/Lorry Kit

  • First aid kit
  • Spare headcollar
  • Spare leadrope
  • Spare stirrup leathers
  • Towels
  • Water
  • Grooming kit including plaiting bands
  • Cool boots for after XC/ice and j-cloths
  • Buckets – at least two, one for washing down, one for drinking, labelled as such (or different colours)
  • Sweat scraper
  • Sponge
  • Polos!
  • Rule book
  • Horse passport
  • Lorry/trailer emergency kit – hammer, spanners, hacksaw, crowbar, number of breakdown recovery, tilt kit for cab, spare wheel, jack/axle stand for trailer
  • Lunge line
  • Baler twine
  • Black bags – both for rubbish and to put muddy/dirty kit in if not cleaned up at event

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