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TCNs: what they are, and why.

BE has organised 5 TCNs (which are Targeted National Competitions, but with the initial letters in the wrong order, French style of course!) for this season, full details here.

If you are still trying to work out what a TCN is, and whether you should fit one into your plans, this explanation should help.

A TCN is a cheaper way of getting an MER (Minimum Entry Requirement, formerly a Qualifying Result) for a CI (a CIC or a CCI) competition this season. It counts as the same qualification as a CIC or CCI of the same star rating (TCN*, TCN**), BUT (and it’s a very big BUT) a TCN MER only counts for this season, it does NOT carry forward at all. So, it doesn’t count toward a rider category, and it gives no MER for the 2014 season and beyond.

It is purely for if you have fallen foul of the FEI’s rather sudden changes to the qualifying procedure, and need another qualifying result to be able to go to a CI later in the season.

Although you can run in a TCN if you are qualified for it under National rules, you will only get an MER in a TCN if you are qualified for it under FEI rules.

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