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Random things said/overheard at events, part 1 of an occasional series.

Years ago my groom/helper for the day, whose blushes I will spare in this instance, appeared and said in a very puzzled voice: “I’ve just seen David Green walking the XC with a unicycle.”
I’ll admit it took me a few seconds to work out what on earth she was going on about. At which point I nearly wet myself laughing.

Answers/Guesses below:

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  • My favourite recent one – at about 2am in the lorry park at Barbury:

    “Just because I don’t want to have sex with you it doesn’t mean I’m gay”

    Worth being woken up for I thought!!!

  • My favourite recently was a pony club mum who’s darling offspring had had a brilliant dressage, a couple of fences SJ & a terrible XC round. She was overheard at the scoreboard moaning because they hadn’t been allowed to school around the XC course before the competition and;
    ”What’s the point of a 28 dressage if the jumping lets you down’

    [snort] I’m sure the last time I looked that was the whole point of eventing 😀