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Tip of the Day: Keep Old Supplement Tubs


20130406-104930.jpgThose plastic tubs that supplements come in are handy for so many things – I never throw them away! The brilliant thing about them is that it doesn’t matter if they get trashed, because they were free and you’re bound to have some more available very soon. Things mine are used for include:








  • Tubbing feet – because when they get trashed it doesn’t matter.
  • Putting feed in for stay-away shows – small, mouse, air and water tight, have a handle for easy transportation and you’re bound to have one which will take the number of scoops you need!
  • As storage for horse boots – my every day hacking/schooling boots live in one without a lid, I put tail bandages in another one, my ‘posh’ boots get one with a lid. I have one with each set of boots for the different phases in which lives in the lorry too. Mouse proof, keeps them together and dry and clean.
  • I soak my fibre-beet feed in one – preferable to a bucket because the lid means rodents can’t get at my feed.
  • The lids are ideal for cutting out a hoof-shape from to put on the sole when poulticing, which means they don’t wear through them when you turn out a horse with an abscess.
  • You can make up several days worth of feeds when you go away, and write the days on them with a dry-wipe marker so whoever is looking after your horse just has to tip them into a bucket.
  • Slightly more outlandishly, mine also get used for work – I’ve translocated a lot of slow worms and great crested newts in old supplement tubs, which beats having to buy plastic tubs with lids from an ecological supplier!

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