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How Did I Live Without. . .Easibed?

My stack of Easibed - you can fit eight of these bales in a VW Golf!

My stack of Easibed – you can fit eight of these bales in a VW Golf!

Following on from my post extolling the virtues of the Fynalite Pellet Master Fork, I should also give some air time to the bedding which has saved my sanity – Easibed.

The mare who rolls and digs makes finding a suitable bedding material difficult.

I tried everything. I tried having a deep bed and mucking out every day. I tried giving her a corner of bedding to wee on and  sweeping it out every day. I tried wood pellets (which nearly broke me – they just looked disgusting all the time). I tried deep litter on every bedding that went into the stable. Shavings were a nightmare as they went into a mulch. Straw made everything smell vile because it wasn’t absorbent enough. Hemp bedding was too light and she dug it all up, making a total mess (not to mention the price of it – ouch!). Miscanthus bedding again just didn’t absorb enough, and was too easily dug up, meaning the whole bed was filthy.

So then I tried a different approach. I rang the feed mill I order bedding from, and asked them what they stocked and the prices. I decided I’d start at the cheapest and work up until I found something I liked. I disregarded wood pellets (cheapest) as they had already proven hopeless, and I tried Easibed first.

Like some kind of bedding miracle, it worked. Heavy enough to mean it doesn’t get spread everywhere when she rolls, and absorbent enough to mean the top of the bed stays dry, I am now a convert.

I deep litter it, and the base stays firm and resists her digging, meaning the bed doesn’t end up soaked through. Very occasionally I dig out a wet patch, but it doesn’t need doing often, maybe once a month or so. She can dig and roll, I can still muck out, and the whole thing, whilst not as immaculate as I’d like, does at least stay looking passable.

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  • Sorry to be cheeky and ask, but is this not advertising?

    I use Laysoft, and its the same as Easibed, only has 5kg of bedding extra per bale and is cheaper.

    • One of the reasons we started this site is to provide a forum to share experiences and knowledge. If we love a product then we will say so, because we love it not just because it’s a sponsor or because we get a deal. And for the record, I don’t get a deal on easibed, and they aren’t a sponsor or a paid advertiser on the site! We always make it clear where products have been provided for review by the manufacturer – that’s why we have the Tried and Tested part of the site as distinct from ‘How Did I Live Without’.