Rolex Kentucky

Rolex Cross Country Standings

Current Top 5 going into Stadium Jumping tomorrow:

  1. Tim Price (NZL), WESCO: 36.3
  2. Michael Jung (GER), LA BIOSTHETIQUE: 36.7
  3. Michael Jung (GER), FISCHERROCANA FST: 39.3
  4. William Fox Pitt (GBR), BAY MY HERO: 46.7
  5. William Levett (AUS), IMPROVISE: 48.6

More leaderboard standings can be found here:

Press Conference

As forecast, it was an exceedingly soggy out there today, and that led to some slick footing for cross country. Not to mention that yours truly, and all of the other credentialed media, and visitors, were soaked to the bones!!

Derek Di Grazia, the cross country course designer, was congratulated on his course design considering the conditions today. Due to the weather, condensing the schedule was made because of the weather concerns. Once the course was started today, they were very pleased that the first horse and rider completed the course in the ride time allotted.

Tim Price was asked if he had made any adjustments in regards with his riding plan today. He looked out his hotel curtains this morning, and noted that there was no significant rain at the time. During his ride,  Tim used his intuition going around the course. He felt they did a great job with all takeoffs and landings and felt safe and secure. “I trusted my horse and tried to give him a good trip (in between fences).”

Michael Jung was asked how did the ground differ between rides? He responded that Sam jumped clear on fences and he (Sam) felt happy. The jumps well prepared with sand, and he felt safe on the jumps. Tracks were wide enough to find good ground (for each jump). He was happy with both of his horses.  Michael was also very happy about his round even though he was 1 second over the ride time. Even though he was riding a 15 year old horse, ‘Sam felt like a young man.’

William Fox Pitt was asked “How was your ride and what are you going to do with the Landrover?” (Landrover awards a 24 month lease on a new Landrover Discovery Sport for the rider who made it closest to the optimal time with no penalties). William responded that Bay My Hero was superb the whole way around and was thrilled at reaching the optimal time.  “My wife is probably going to drive it (the Landrover).”

XC Facts

  • 71 horses started
  • 46 finished
  • 15 were eliminated


Cross Country Photos

Having a some technical difficulties here at the hotel uploading photos, seems like a bad internet connection. Working on rectifying that soon for y’all!! 🙂


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