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When it’s all said and done – Rolex 2015 winners

Let’s get down to the nitty gritty, shall we?

  • Winner of Rolex 2015 is Michael Jung  (GER) and FISCHERROCANA FST with a total score of 39.3
  • Second Place goes to Tim Price (NZL) and WESKO with a total score of 40.3
  • Third Place goes to Michael Jung again and LA BIOSTHETIQUE with total score of 44.7
  • Fourth Place standings is William Fox Pitt (GBR) and BAY MY HERO with total combined score of 46.9
  • Fifth Place standings is Phillip Dutton (USA) and FERNILL CUBALAWN with total score of 54.1
  • You can see all of the riders standings here:

IMG_9335 IMG_9796 IMG_9961















I have to hand it to Eventing Nation to sum up the end of the day perfectly:

I also have it on good authority that Michael Jung was thoroughly charming during the media interviews. 🙂

Side Note: Following Cross Country Day at the Media Center for briefing, a  fellow media-gal and I were sitting next to each other oohing and ahhing over some of my Cross Country photos  (I was situated over at the Head of the Lake). We noticed a presence over our shoulders, and looky if it wasn’t Michael peering over our shoulders looking at the photos on my laptop, his cell phone in hand, and talking fluent German with the other person on the other end of the line. Yes, my gal friend and I might have been a little twitter-pated ourselves. 😉



Sad News on Cross Country Day

On Cross Country day,  Emily Cammock of New Zealand, pulled up her horse, Dambala, the second to last fence before the end of the course. She felt like something was not quite right and withdrew him.

Upon further inspection, he had aggravated an old suspension injury and sustained significant damage to his supensory ligament once again. You can read more here at:

Sadly after this occurred, Emily received a huge public backlash for their decision to euthanize Damaba. In response to this, she posted yet another response as to why they made this decision.

Our hearts go out to you, Emily, and your team, on this incredibly heartbreaking decision.  Godspeed Damaba.


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