Rolex Kentucky

Countdown to Rolex Kentucky – Fashion Vs Comfort

RK3DE invites happy memories of equine-infused days of dressage, cross country and stadium jumping, sublime weather, amazing friends, great food and shopping.

“Blissfully meandering through the crowds and over the cross-country grounds with your canine companions happily trotting at your side.  The smells of kettle corn, barbeque, elephant ears (a flattened, deep-fried doughnut-like product dusted with cinnamon and icing sugar), and other fair-food items attack your senses. At vendor booths you find yourself with countless others sifting through piles of items on racks and bins in a state of intent. At checkout, you clutch the newly purchased goods to your bosom like it’s your firstborn child.”

This. This is the dreamy Rolex adventure for any equestrian event-loving person both amateur and professional alike. That is, for those who are ‘weather prepared’, this is the dream of Rolex. For those not weather-prepared it can be a disaster.  So it is the non-weather prepared, (spouse, support network and first time visitors), that I am mostly targeting this article towards.

At Rolex, you will see many fashionistas looking quite posh in their Dubarrys, Ovation’s or Mountain horseboots, slim jeans, smart shirts, and Burberry raincoats. For the western crowd it is shorts and western boots if the weather is warm and a Jack Russell Terrier. You must have one of those!

Nevertheless, back to Earth.  Prepping your wardrobe and footwear for the climate is paramount for visiting Rolex. Here in the Midwest / Eastern part of the States we have had unseasonably cool weather through the course of the Winter and Spring 2013/2014. Through personal experience, our past visits to Rolex have ranged from wearing shorts, tank tops and flip-flops, to bundling up against the rain and chilly temperatures.  Midwest weather can be a dog’s breakfast folks!

How to pack for your visit:  I would definitely recommend layering clothes for the duration of your trip here and bringing a few extras just in case.  These layers include a wearing a good base top such as a synthetic ‘wicking’ short or long sleeved shirt, followed by a warm fleece pull-over or zip-up, along with another warm/breathing/waterproof coat with a hood, as well as an umbrella if you are able. A sun bonnet/hat may also be a good idea if you are protecting your skin from the sun.  Some people wear jeans, or slacks, or if the weather is warm, shorts or a good pair of hiking pants that have the ‘zip’ offs, (the ones where you can zip them off at thigh length to convert your pants to shorts.).

It is a good idea to carry a small backpack or satchel to store clothing items as they are needed/discarded as the weather during the day warms or cools.  Snacks and a water bottle are also another great addition as you will be walking around the grounds for several hours and you will need your hydration.  As long as you have your day-pass at all times, you can also move in and out of the Kentucky Horse Park grounds to get back to your vehicle, or to your campsite if you are lucky enough to have one, in order to don or leave some items.

Talking about sustenance and hydration, the RK3DE also has a great vendor selection of foods ranging from the American-beloved kettle corn, corn-dogs and elephant ears, to walking-tacos and Mediterranean food.  Hydration areas include unique soda stands and adult beverage vendors to quench your thirst – these are also scattered around the cross-country course on the day of the XC event.

Walking about for several hours on the event grounds I would definitely recommend sturdy and very comfortable footwear. If the weather has been rainy, a good pair of water-proof shoes or hiking shoes are a must.

To check out the weather before you visit Rolex Kentucky, please refer to and look under the city/state “Lexington, Kentucky, USA”.

More information about Rolex Kentucky can be found at

I invite you to comment below on some items that you love to wear at RK3DE  or any other Eventing show below.

That’s all for now. Until next time, “leg on”!



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